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Cosplay Erotica video – Hot babes

Another fresh week and time to see one more superb and fresh update. This time though we have a special treat for you for following us for so long. In this one we wanted to bring you an amazing and hot video with all the babes that we had here thus far. And as you will see it’s a sexy and hot compilation of all the models, doing their stuff as they get around to tease and amuse themselves as they play naughty and kinky for this nice and fresh update today. And it’s one amazing show from beginning to end as all the babes get to show off their best moves and their sexy bodies for you. Starting off is the sexy and hot Kitana and you get to watch her playing around with her bladed fans as she exposes her sexy body while undressing as well eventually.

After that we see another two babes wearing latex outfits that go out of their way to enjoy a nice and slow lesbian love making session as well so make sure you don’t skip over that either. Then we have some characters from Mass Effect as they also get to go wild on one another’s sexy bodies as well. That in turn is followed by a sexy and horny little blood elf babe from war craft that wants to show you that she doesn’t need any magic to make herself feel good. And you get to watch her please herself after a long day of fighting as well. You also get to see the sexy and hot latex clad babe Samus Aran from Metorid as she also gets to play with another babe and experience some kinky girl on girl pleasure as well. Do check out the past scenes as well for the babes in their own scenes too!

Watch these sexy cosplayers stripping and playing!

Tanya from Mortal Kombat

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to a fresh new cosplay erotica gallery today as usual. We know that you’ve been waiting for this gallery ever since we announced it on the main site, and it’s finally here for you to see. For this new and hot scene you get to enjoy the company of none other than the sexy and hot Tanya, the master fighter babe from Mortal Kombat. As all the other babes from that universe, you know that she’s quite deadly and a kiss from this babe is literally going to kill you. But you shouldn’t worry as you are safe behind your screens. Well your screens won’t protect you from her sexy body and the show she puts on but we have a feeling that you don’t want to skip over that anyway now, are you? So let the cameras roll and let’s see her play for you today everyone.


Well this wouldn’t be complete if the babe wouldn’t show off her fighting moves first as well. So you get to see her do sort of a little warming up session as she does her training bit for this one. Watch her showing off her moves until she’s ready and then you get to see her turn 180 degrees and be horny and kinky. You get to see her take off her leotard slowly for you as she needs to make sure that you get a very close look at her sexy curves today and as you can see she’s pretty proud of her body as well. Watch her doing the rest of her naughty and kinky nude posing as she poses around for you and of course, you get to see her pink and eager pussy as well. Be sure to check back again soon and see more of these babes undressing just for you and the cameras.

mortal-kombat-tanya-cosplay-erotica mortal-kombat-tanya

Watch sexy Tanya teasing and stripping for the cam!

CosplayErotica – Kallen Standfeld

Again we come back and we have yet another amazing babe for you to see. This week we want to make an emphasis on the model as well as the character. The character is one from a very well known anime series, but the babe is the one and only Kallen Standfeld. She’s quite the sexy and hot model too and you can see her portraying lots of the characters that we have around here. Well today she did a simply exquisite job once more of portraying this character and she really brought it to life with her interpretation. That and the fact that she got completely naked for the cameras and you guys as she knows that you love her body. Well that and to fulfill your fantasy of seeing this character all naked and sexy too. So let’s get this show of hers on the road and see her at play today!

The background for her little scene is the top of a futuristic building and we must say that though all of the post apocalyptic scenery, this rare rose is quite the sight. And her red hair just fits perfectly too. Watch her putting her show on as she undresses and see her taking her time with it too as she know that you like it when she teases you as well. She only keeps her arm sleeves and one knee sock on her persona along with her white belt. The rest of the clothes come off and you get to enjoy the undisturbed glorious view of her simply amazing nude body for the afternoon. And you get to see her play with herself a bit as well as she was ready to show off some of her other skills too. Again, enjoy it and see you next time guys and gals. We will be sure to bring you more next wee!


Enjoy this hot babe showing off her sexy naked body!

Sarah Bryant from Virtual Fighter

Well one thing is for sure in this cosplayerotica update. And that is that lots of people’s fantasies just came true as this babe comes into the scene. She’s Sarah Bryant from the well known series Virtual Fighter and she’s going to be showing off her body to you today. And talking about fighting babes, you can also click here and see the sexy and hot Kitana in a superb solo scene as well! Anyway, let’s go back to our lovely blonde with generous curves and watch her at play as she gets to be as kinky and wild as she wants this afternoon for you. And we must say that it’s a amazing scene that you just have to see for today everyone. So let’s get started and watch her showing off her simply superb and sizzling hot body for this afternoon just for you guys and the cameras as well.


The amazingly beautiful and sexy Sarah makes her entry to the scene while wearing her trade mark outfit. And as you can see, it’s a very sexy and hot skin tight spandex body suit that was all shiny too. And like many other babes here, she wasn’t wearing any lingerie underneath. She didn’t want those sexy curves of hers getting obstructed in all their sexiness by some mere extra clothing. And we think that that was a good choice on her part. Watch her unzipping the top part of her outfit today and see her revealing her sexy and nice and all natural big round boobs to you. She sure knows how to put on a good show and let’s hope that we get to see her in action some more in the future as well. For now we’re taking our leave, but you can expect to see some more next time!

See this naughty cosplayer exposing her big boobs!

Sexy hot Satele Shan

Cosplay erotica is back once more with all new and hot scenes for you to enjoy this week. And we have another treat for you to see in the form of the sexy and hot babe Jedi from The old republic star wars game named Satele Shan. She is the descendant of the famed Bastilla from the same universe and as you will see, this cutie is just as hot and sexy. And in this week’s scene you get to see her in her very own hot and sexy scene as she gets to show off her passion for being naughty as well. It seems that she has discipline, but only as long as she’s out in public. Leave her alone and in a short time you can fine her being kinky already too. So let’s get to see her at play as she gets to show off her skills, both of the light saber and teasing you with her body, in this new and hot scene today!

When the scene begins, you get to see the sexy miss Shan in her room and she was already wearing her trademark outfit that makes her look sexy too, but is also letting her be quite nimble and agile on the field too. And we must say, that those materials providing her skin tight outfit sure made her look even hotter too. Anyway, take your time to see her at play and watch her starting off with some stances. But she knows what you’re here to see, so soon after that, you get to see her on top of her bed presenting her female goods and sexy body shape. Watch her teasing you with her sexy and hot ass as well as she gets around to pose around as much as she wants today. It’s one amazing show so make sure that you do not skip a single image in this hot update.


Watch this hot babe showing off her sexy features!

Walking dead zombie nurse

Another fresh week and time to see one more superb and sexy cosplay erotica scene today. In this one we get to enjoy the company of a babe that’s out for your brains…Well we’re joking, she’s mostly out to show off her sexy body to you. This little zombie babe is quite special as you can see, and her having such a sizzling hot body is one of the reasons for that too. The other as you can guess, it’s that she likes to show off. Anyway, let’s get to see her in action for this afternoon as she ends up roaming the abandoned medical ward all by herself and you get to see her stripping along the way too. And we know that you will enjoy this scene as much as another one that we had with Sonia and Kitana too.  Anyway, let’s just get to it and see this sexy zombie at play without any more delays shall we?


As the scene starts we enter the hospital. And throughout the abandoned place, there seems to be just a single resident that has yet to rest for eternity. We think that her desire to be kinky overcome death itself in the end and she always seems to be willing to put on a nice and hot little show if there’s willing viewers. Sit back and watch her coming into the shot and then see her unzipping her little uniform to show off her nice tits to the cameras. And of course, you get to enjoy seeing her play with her boobs for quite a while too. It’s nice and enjoyable to see her groping and massaging her tits as she makes suggestive looks and it makes for a great and amazing show too. Enjoy this scene and see you next week as always with new babes and more sexy and hot scenes! Check out the site if you wanna see other hot chicks in costumes massaging their breasts!


See this naughty zombie babe playing with her boobs!

Hot Psylocke by Ginger

Today it’s time to sit back and enjoy another amazing cosplay erotica scene for you guys. We’re sure that you can recognize the outfit on the spot and you will come to the conclusion that it belongs to none other than the sizzling hot and sexy mutant from X-men named Psylocke. Well miss Psylocke’s character is portrayed by the sexy and hot model Ginger today and as you will see she does justice to the original character’s amazingly hot and sexy body too. And you get to see Ginger playing with herself too. But that’s no wonder really, since that outfit was really sexy so it was quite easy for this sexy model to be turned on by the while thing today. Let’s get this show going and watch the action as Psylocke is going to show off just how nasty and naughty she can get too.

For the scene we have a nice and private rocky set that the babe could go all out on. So take your time to see the the cutie as she makes her entry and then puts on her show for you. You get to see hr presenting her sexy body from every angle as she wants to make sure that you guys get to see every inch of that sizzling hot body of hers. Then you can visibly tell that she was getting more and more naughty and she slides her panties aside to get easy access to her sweet pussy. Take your time to truly enjoy seeing this brightly hair colored babe as she gets to put on quite the sexy show for you and enjoy seeing her simply incredible nude body as she takes off all of her clothes by the end of this superb scene. Like always, you can expect to see more superb scene next week so stay tuned! Check out the site if you wanna see other sexy fetishist models going wild on the camera!



Watch this gorgeous babe teasing and stripping!

Sexy Violet from the incredibles

For this week’s nice and hot update, you get another treat in this cosplayerotica scene. The treat is none other that the sexy and hot teen babe Violet from the movie Incredibles. And for this afternoon, you have all the time in the world to admire and enjoy seeing this petite cutie super heroine with long black hair as she does her thing for you and the cameras. You see, she likes to show off when she’s wearing her super hero outfit as it just turns her on quite a lot every time she wears it. It seems that she has a fetish for her superbly hot and sexy skin tight latex suit that she wears. Well that and she’s been known to get off when she turned invisible, as no one can see her then. You can also check more super hero sexy babes in past scenes too!


Like we said, she’s one kinky little lady and she always likes to get naughty and kinky when she gets the chance to. Well she is kind of shy when in her day to day life, but she proves to be quite the naughty little babe when she’s all alone. And this was just perfect for her as there was no one around but the camera, capturing her sexy body from every possible and sexy angle too. Watch her go to town on it as she starts off by taking her top off and showing off her perky boobies. Then she starts to tease you with that sexy round ass too and eventually you get to see her pull down those latex panties to show off her sweet pussy too. Enjoy this gallery update as always everyone and do make sure to drop by next week for more amazing scenes and more superb babes too! Also you might enter the site and see other beauties showing off their impressive bodies!

Click here and watch Violet exposing her perfect ass!

Pris cosplay by sexy Betsie

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to a new and fresh cosplay erotica scene today. In this update we bring you a robot babe that will rock your world with her sexy shapes and we know you will just adore her. Her name is Pris and you may recall her name from the movie Blade Runner. She is a replicant and it seems that for today, this robo-lady wants to show off that she can get naughty and kinky as normal babes do as well. The model is Betsie and we must say that she did a simply amazing job to take her own interpretation on the character and show off her amazing body for you guys this afternoon. If you wanna see some beauties getting tied up and fucked, check out the site! Let’s delay no longer and see miss Betsie as Pris, while she gets around to show off her goods for you guys this nice afternoon shall we? You simply have to see this new and fresh update.

The set is the space station room that she has, and as the cameras roll, miss Pris notices that she’s got your attention. You get to see her get out of her modest bed and straight from the start she begins her little cock tease session. You get to see her gently caressing her amazing body curves for you and she gets around to pose in some sexy positions as well. And as all the babes that you have seen here in the past, this cutie begins to undress and show off her naked body too. Watch her presenting you first with her amazing and perky natural boobs and then see her move on lower as she pulls down her skirt and shows off that pink pussy to you as well. We are hoping that you enjoyed your stay once more and we will return next week with more for you to see!


Watch this gorgeous cosplayer exposing her goodies!

Hot Isabela from Dragon Age 2

Hey there guys and welcome to some more new and hot updates as per usual. For this scene we have some more special scenes to show off as we bring you one more character taht we know you have been really eager to see. As you can observe by the simply sizzling hot outfit, it’s none other than the hot and busty babe Isabela from the well known PC game Dragon Age 2. Well today, miss Isabela is here to show off just how naughty and kinky she can be when she wants to and we know you will just love her. And if you’ll want to see more of her, you can rest easy. We’ll bring more amazing scenes with this character in the future for you guys to see as well. But for now, let’s just enjoy this one amazing scene with her and let’s see her at play as she gets to show off her goods!


Now, you know that this character is quite the adventurous type and she never shies away from showing off just how kinky she can get either. When the cameras start to roll, miss Isabela here knows exactly what you want to see and proceeds to entice you with her sexy outfit and sizzling hot body curves. Take your time to enjoy the tease session that she puts on while still all dressed up and enjoy as you get to watch her tease you with her cleavage and peeks under her skirt. The trick is, that she’s not packing any lingerie of any sort so as soon as that sexy dress comes off, you can see her perky natural tits along with her sexy ass and pussy. Enjoy your time with her this nice and hot afternoon and see you next week with new and hot scenes as per usual! Also you can enter the site and see other hot fetishist babes getting wild on the camera!

Watch this hot babe posing without panties!