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Faith Mirror’s naughty Edge cosplay

This new cosplay erotica update has some more good stuff to show off for you guys once more. We are saying that, because today you get to see the one and the only sexy babe that parkours her way across the city and looks just gorgeous while she does it as well. OF course, we are talking about Faith, the main protagonist of the game Mirror’s Edge and in this gallery update for the afternoon,, you get to see a nice and sexy cosplay of the said babe. Let’s take the time to see her in action as she gets to show off what she likes to do to unwind after she gets to finish her work running around everywhere. And you can bet that it’s quite hot and naughty too. And rest assured that you will be in for one amazing and sensual show with her too!


As the scene starts off, the sexy and lovely babe stops on top of a building. She seems to have chosen this spot to be specifically suited for what she wants to do. You see, any time that she gets to do her workout basically, as she runs around she gets really really horny. And of course, that means, that when she takes a break she just has to pleasure herself. Sit back and watch the brunette cutie as she takes off her pants and panties and see her revealing her perky and pink pussy to you. She then lifts up her top to show you her perfect tits as well as she knows you want to see them too. Enjoy her scene and see her presenting you with her amazing naked body from lots of sexy and sizzling hot angles today everyone. Have fun and see you next time with more nice scenes!


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