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Cosplay Erotica – Mortal Kombat Chicks

Here we are once more with all new babes and all new scenes. It’s been a while since our last update and we know that you guys have been eagerly awaiting to see some more naughty and sexy babes at play for you. In this new update we have some more Mortal Kombat goodness for you to see as we have a scene with two babes from there playing with each other in a superbly sexy and hot girl on girl action scene today. Of course, the two ladies that we chose are Sonia Blade and Kitana and both of them, as you know, can be found in the classic porn videos from vintage erotica, they are some really sexy and beautiful women. Well today you get to see what happens when you let these two spend time together, but not in the fight for your life tournament that they take part of every now and then. So let’s get this show rolling and see them play.

It seems that our babe had a long day of training today and they were eager to blow off some steam. Seems that both of them chose the same private place to get to unwind and play with themselves. Well, since they were both there they decided to just go for it and enjoy one another’s company. Watch them starting off with some nice and passionate kissing for you and see them starting to caress each other’s bodies all over too. Of course, more and more clothes fall off, and eventually, you get to see these two amazing babes all naked. Sit back and enjoy watching them play naughty as they also get to finger and rub one another’s sweet pussies today as well. It’s quite the show to see so make sure that you do not miss a single one of these nice and hot pictures in the scene. Bye and see you soon!



See Kitana and Sonya kissing and licking each other!