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Walking dead zombie nurse

Another fresh week and time to see one more superb and sexy cosplay erotica scene today. In this one we get to enjoy the company of a babe that’s out for your brains…Well we’re joking, she’s mostly out to show off her sexy body to you. This little zombie babe is quite special as you can see, and her having such a sizzling hot body is one of the reasons for that too. The other as you can guess, it’s that she likes to show off. Anyway, let’s get to see her in action for this afternoon as she ends up roaming the abandoned medical ward all by herself and you get to see her stripping along the way too. And we know that you will enjoy this scene as much as another one that we had with Sonia and Kitana too.  Anyway, let’s just get to it and see this sexy zombie at play without any more delays shall we?


As the scene starts we enter the hospital. And throughout the abandoned place, there seems to be just a single resident that has yet to rest for eternity. We think that her desire to be kinky overcome death itself in the end and she always seems to be willing to put on a nice and hot little show if there’s willing viewers. Sit back and watch her coming into the shot and then see her unzipping her little uniform to show off her nice tits to the cameras. And of course, you get to enjoy seeing her play with her boobs for quite a while too. It’s nice and enjoyable to see her groping and massaging her tits as she makes suggestive looks and it makes for a great and amazing show too. Enjoy this scene and see you next week as always with new babes and more sexy and hot scenes! Check out the site if you wanna see other hot chicks in costumes massaging their breasts!


See this naughty zombie babe playing with her boobs!